get involved in the 2017/18 BRIGAID test cycle Call for innovators

Open call for innovations: 2017/18 BRIGAID test cycle

Submit the description of your innovative solution before October 1st 2017 at

Shortly describe your innovation and ambitions for testing and improvement in your email. BRIGAID will select from 6 to 9 innovations and provide funding and support for testing in 2018.

We will contact all innovators for further information and next steps.

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Minimum requirements for innovations:

  • Reduces risks from floods, droughts or extreme weather
  • The solution is at a technical readiness level (TRL) of 4 or higher
  • Concerns a structural, software or green innovation
  • Innovator is eager to improve and bring the innovation to the market

Brigaid informative materials:

Please download the whole information about the BRIGAID project.