Engage with Brigaid As an End-user

If you are an organisation impacted by climate change looking for innovative solutions to your problem, BRIGAID can help!

BRIGAID aims to engage with a broad range of end-users to fully incorporate their requirements in the process of guiding innovations from prototype to market-ready products. BRIGAID commits to take into consideration the needs of all types of end users through:

1. Involvement of end-users in the identification and testing of most promising innovations.

2. Creation of local ‘communities of innovation’ (coi’s) where different users can share their experiences and engage with other coi’s and innovators to foster mutual learning.

3. Participation in the design and implementation of demonstration events.

Any stakeholder in search of solutions to reduce their vulnerability to floods, droughts or extreme weather can engage with BRIGAID in three ways:

1. Joining or starting a local community of innovation

The Communities of Innovation (CoI’s) are local networks of organizations combining business, policy and management sectors, focused on bringing new products, new processes and new forms of organization as solutions for vulnerability reduction on specific conditions and hazards .

The BRIGAID’s local CoI’s will be strongly involved into in- person activities (thematic workshops and demonstration events) and online activities (through the Innovation Sharing Platform and the BRIGAID website).

2. Participating in our demonstration events

At the end of each innovation cycle of BRIGAID, demonstration events will be organized to create strong science-market- policy interfaces at the pan-European level. These events aim to:

  • increase the exposure and impact of selected and market-ready innovations
  • build relationships and generate goodwill
  • strengthen the cooperation between developers and end users (policy and decision makers, risk managers), and earn the trust of prospective investors and customers (lead-sectorial users).

Demo events will consist in 2-day innovation showcases in which a selected list of innovators will pitch (5-7 minutes presentations on stage) their products to a regional or local Community of Innovation (CoI) integrated by key actors in the sector of innovation for disaster risk reduction and climate adaptation.

3. By subscribing to our online innovation sharing platform

The Climate Innovation Window (CIW) is an interactive platform to be used by developers and end users for presentation and discussion of innovations, performances, requirements, test reports of recent innovations and user experiences. The BRIGAID CIW platform is the meeting place and “virtual” shop window for innovations and investors and aims to become the EU portal for innovations on climate change adaptation.

Visit the Climate Innovation Window