Where and when:
September 21, 2018 at Tirana, in Albania.

The organizing party of the meeting considered BRIGAID a success story of Horizon2010 projects in Albania, thus its representatives were invited to share their experience..

Who attended the event and why
Nensi Lalaj, BRIGAID’s Manager for Albania.

The event was organized by the European Union to Albania and the National Agency of Scientific Research and Innovation.

The Project Unit assigned to National Agency of Territory Planning introduced the BRIGAID in Albania, during the “Horizon2020 Info Day” meeting in Tirana.

Nensi Lalaj, BRIGAID’s Manager for our country, explained the progress of the project, its challenges and strong points, explaining that the project is focused on innovation and three main aspects of climate change: floods, droughts, and extreme weather. KIT Conference at Deltares in the Netherlands.

The European Union to Albania and the National Agency of Scientific Research and Innovation organized the Horizon2020 InfoDay, in the premises of Rogner Hotel. These two organizations invited the BRIGAID team in the quality of success story of Horizon2020 that deserved to be shared. Representatives of the line Ministries and Agencies, representatives of the Municipality of Tirana, public and private Universities, people from business and non-profit sector, and researchers were among the participants. All of them expressed their interest in the programs of Horizon2020 and the calls published by the European Union.

The participants were informed about the fields of action of Horizon2020 and how to apply. Nensi Lalaj explained the actual progress of BRIGAID, as an integral part of Horizon2020 in Albania. She also talked about the challenges met and the advantages that this project brings to research in Albania.

All participants received lots of information about BRIGAID and the Albanian innovations presented in the last call of the project. Various institutions and researchers had a keen interest in the BRIGAID’s evolution and its activity in Albania.