Support to innovators Improve the market readiness of your innovation:

The brigaid business development approach.

How does an innovator benefit from the BRIGAID Business Development Approach?

BRIGAID trains innovators to turn their technologies into marketable products and services.

BRIGAID support includes: 

1. In-person business workshops and consultation

The programme includes a 2-day business work¬shop and an in-person wrap up session. There, in-novators work face-to-face with BRIGAID experts to assess their business, identify key challenges, opportunities, and gather personal feedback – as well as prepare pitches to sell their business and innovation in the real world.

2. Online collaboration through the Market-Analysis Framework (MAF+)

The MAF+ is an online assessment and deci¬sion-support system that helps innovators chal¬lenge their business idea and make strategic decisions around it. At its heart, it is a structured series of interactive business development exercises that enable innovators to define their mar¬ket, recognize the key values of their innovation, identify opportunities, evaluate competitors, and conceive a suitable business model.

Climate adaptation and business experts from the BRIGAID consortium accompany the innovators every step of the way. Alongside succinct instruc¬tions and examples, BRIGAID experts provide insightful feedback through regular phone calls as well as direct feedback using the MAF+’s online review function. By the end of the assessment, the innovators have enhanced their business skills and confidence and they are able to run an assessment independently. Through their user ac¬counts they continue to have access to the portal, which allows them to run further iterations of the assessment and/or start a new one for a different business idea.

3. Finding sustainable funding and customers through business plans

BRIGAID helps innovators bridge the “valley of death” and link with investors and funders. After completing the MAF+ assessment, innovators have the skills and building blocks – as well as expert support – to draft concrete business plans to attract investment and grants. BRIGAID al¬ready supports innovators to advertise to clients through the BRIGAID shopfront – www.climatein¬ – and this is being extended to offer impact investors and end-users the oppor¬tunity to invest in a solution.

What is the impact of BRIGAID Business Development Support?

BRIGAID Business Development Support upskills innovators so that they can bring their climate resilience innovation to market. This positively impacts Europe – these innovations will decrease the damages of climate change and generate good jobs and income.

Read more about the impact of BRIGAID Business Development Support had on two of the innovators we have already supported:


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GM4W – GeoGuard Module for Water vapor monitoring

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What tools and results are available?

The BRIGAID Market Analysis Framework (MAF+)

We have developed a free to use online business development tool – the MAF+. Anyone can use the MAF+, BRIGAID’s online market assessment system, to develop or improve their business strategy. All exercises have simple-to-follow instructions, tips, and examples – so any innovator can use it to upskill and improve their business.

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European market readiness for climate resilience innovations

BRIGAID has investigated market readiness for climate resilience innovations, considering what the future impacts of climate change will be across Europe, and the local capacity to purchase and implement BRIGAID innovations. This includes maps of current and future risks for climate-related disasters – including fires, floods, extreme weather, and droughts – and adaptive capacity.

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In addition, we are still looking for climate related innovators to support with professional business development consulting and training – for free! Contact us to find out more.

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