Conferences and eventsEuropean Climate Change Adaptation ECCA 2019

EU-funded projects BRIGAID, EU-CIRCLE, RESCCUE, and RESIN have banded together to present their successfully-piloted climate change resilience innovations at the 4th European Climate Change Adaptation Conference (ECCA 2019)

As the largest event on climate change in Europe gathering 1,000 international climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction experts, ECCA 2019, to be held between 28-31 May 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal, provides a powerful platform for the four projects to promote their solutions that have important implications for Europe and its citizens.

The new tools and solutions produced by the project group include e-guides, resilience action plans (RAPs), impact and vulnerability analysis and modelling tools, among others. These innovations provide novel approaches to reducing the impact of climate change on cities and their infrastructures.

RESCCUE, BRIGAID, RESIN, and EU-CIRCLE, aside from being EU-funded projects and owing to the importance of their collective goals, have also received additional support and were clustered under the EC’s Common Dissemination Booster (CDB) as the “Project Group on Climate Change Resilience for Cities and Critical Infrastructures”.

The ECCA is co-organised by RESCCUE and BRIGAID along with another CDB-supported project, BINGO. RESIN and EU-CIRCLE will also be showcased through dissemination materials and presentations.


The project group aims to decrease climate change impact through the improvement of cities’ capability to anticipate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from climate threats with minimum damage, and develop technological and performance standards to test facilities throughout Europe. These innovations will improve Europe’s resilience to climate change, and reduce its negative social and economic impacts.

The collective results of the project group is highly relevant not only to the critical infrastructure community, and EU policy makers but also to the general public as well as industry, in particular, the insurance sector.

If more local and regional governments, and critical infrastructure and emergency agencies adopt these solutions across Europe, this will allow European critical infrastructure to effectively withstand extreme events through pre-emptive local impact assessments, predict and prepare for calamities through decision support tools, better risk, impact and vulnerability analyses, and reduce economic and social losses.

Sessions in the ECCA 2019

Various key solutions of the group will be showcased across
multiple sessions:

28th May

11:15 h

  • Decadal-to-climate change in the RESCCUE project:
    Extreme scenarios from downscaled CMIP5 multi-model ensemble
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  • Understanding Europe’s risk landscape with the European Climate Risk Typology
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14:00 h

  • Integrated modelling to analyse flooding resilience. The RESCCUE project
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18:00 h

  • Assessing meteorological data availability for prescribed burning as a decision support tool in fire prevention. BRIGAID Project has participated
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Several posters from the cluster are also being presented during the 28 May cocktail session at 18:00

  • Poster Session: HAZUR as an agile & flexible tool to operationalize resilience
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  • Poster Session: Assessing meteorological data availability for prescribed burning as a decision support tool in fire prevention
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29th May

11:15 h

  • Exploitation in Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR): Clustering and discussion
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30th May

From 9:00 to 10:30 (90 min). ECCA Toolshed.
BRIGAID tools workshop

09:00 h

  • Flood Resilience of solid waste management in RESCCUE Project
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  • Data analysis to support flooding risk identification:
    Approach in Lisbon
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  • A continuous process in urban resilience to face climate change in Lisbon
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11:30 h

  • Holistic resilience analysis in Barcelona in a context of climate change.
    The RESCCUE project
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  • Impacts of flooding on Barcelona’s electrical distribution network
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To get in touch with the project group, you can reach out to the project group lead, RESCCUE

You can also register for the ECCA 2019 through this link: