BRIGAID Connect:

BRIGAID Connect builds on the EU-funded BRIGAID project. Since 2016, BRIGAID has helped climate innovators turn their ideas into implementable solutions by developing and providing a full range of support services:

access to testing facilities for prototypes, guidance on business strategy development and marketing communication, and engagement in Communities of Innovation.

BRIGAID CONNECT - Innovation for resilience, entrepreneurship and networking

BRIGAID Connect. is a sustainable independent entity that transforms innovators into entrepreneurs, connects them to end-users and technical experts, to ultimately deliver adaptation innovations that improve European climate resilience.

1. The Challenge

Climate-related disasters such as droughts, floods and wildfires are already impacting Europe – and these impacts are increasing.

Fortunately, innovators throughout Europe are developing new technologies and solutions that could make Europe more resilient.

However, too few of these these innovations reach the market. 

Why? Because innovators often lack the skills and resources needed to bridge the gap from innovation to implementation.

2. Our solution

BRIGAID Connect bridges the ideas of innovators and the needs of end-users.

It is a one-stop-shop of expert knowledge, tools, testing facilities, and ready-made networks to increase the uptake of adaptation innovations in Europe and beyond.

3. Our aim
  • Innovators with the knowledge, skills and network to be successful entrepreneurs.
  • Proven climate adaptation innovations.
  • Improved EU climate resilience.

BRIGAID Connect Activities:

BRIGAID CONNECT-Transform innovators, Engineers and and Scientists in entrepreneurs, connect with end users and deliver market ready innovations

Innovation development support 

  • Funding: €€€ for testing and development
  • Business development: in-person coaching + free online tools (MAF+)
  • Innovation testing: testing facilities + expert consulting + free tools (TIF)

Network + Visibility 

  • Communities of Innovation: network of end-users, experts, funders, and innovators + showcase events
  • Access experts: climate adaptation, innovation, business, engineering + more
  • Marketing support: brand development + pitch training

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