BRIGAID innovation eventsmeeting place for Innovation + Investment + Implementation for Impact

These events are linked to solutions and innovations related to floods, droughts and extreme weather.

Apart from testing and demonstrating innovations, these events aim to strengthen the cooperation and two-way communication between innovators and end users.

Innovators are given the opportunity to showcase and pitch their innovative products to an invited audience, as part of the local BRIGAID CoI’s.

Several demonstration events are planned, which will be framed by a demonstration strategy beyond demo events that will be prepared.

At the end of each innovation cycle of BRIGAID, demonstration events will be organized to create strong science-market- policy interfaces at the pan-European level.

These events aim to:

  • Increase the exposure and impact of selected and market-ready innovations
  • Build relationships and generate goodwill
  • Strengthen the cooperation between developers and end users (policy and decision makers, risk managers), and earn the trust of prospective investors and customers (lead-sectorial users).

Demo events consist in one or 2-day innovation showcases in which a selected list of innovators pitch (5-7 minutes presentations on stage) their products to a regional or local Community of Innovation (CoI) integrated by key actors in the sector of innovation for disaster risk reduction and climate adaptation.


BRIGAID has taken advantage of its Project meetings and Conferences to hold this kind of innovation events.

Innovation events at Project meetings:


  • Delft, May 2016
  • Leuven, November 2016
  • Berlin, May 2017