Where and when:
September 5 th -7 th, 2017 at Leeds, UK.

Dissemination of BRIGAID and exchange of experiences related to floods.

Who attended the event:
Bas Jonkman, Bas Kolen, Jantsje van Loon (TU Delft), Elena Lopez-Gunn (Icatalist).

BRIGAID was present at the 7th International Conference on Flood Management (ICFM7) held in Leeds (UK). The ICFM offers an international conference platform, hosted every 3 years, to discuss a range of flood related issues and realise significant change in a multidisciplinary, multisectoral area.

A BRIGAID presentation was delivered on September 5th by Bas Jonkman also on behalf of Kasper Lendering and Antonia Sebastian with an attendance around 40 people, mainly scientists and policy makers. The BRIGAID expedition made several contacts with end-users and innovators with aim to getting them involved in the project activities, e.g. by participating in the BRIGAID conference at Venice or applying to the open call for innovations.