Where and when:
9th-10th November 2017, at Venice (Italy)

Conference on end-users involvement in climate resilience innovation

Who attended the event and why:
All BRIGAID partners and a group of external end-users and innovators

The BRIGAID Conference at Venice (9th and 10th November 2017) aimed to provide a better insight on how to foster the role of end-users for an improved development of climate resilience innovations.

A sample of innovations supported by BRIGAID and the main BRIGAID frameworks and methods to support the development of innovations were introduced.Moreover, a number of end-users across Europe presented how they are coping with adaptation to increasing natural disasters.

These presentations showcased some specific case studies as example of how end-users are a key actor in bringing new products, new processes and new forms of organization into adaptation solutions to climatic events.

The integration of all these aspects was discussed in a plenary meeting to learn more on how and how end-users involvement can drive innovations’ scouting and implementation processes and how this involvement can be supported by BRIGAID. The conference included an innovation market with pitch presentations and an exhibition area.

Please click here to access to the newsletter about the conference where you can download the proceedings and key presentations.