Where and when: 
21 April 2017 at Tirana, Albania.

the National Territorial Planning Agency organised the First National Meeting for building BRIGAID project stakeholders’ network, which will support and contribute in project innovation ideas from the beginning till their implementation.

Who attended the event and why
Thetis SPA.

National Territorial Planning Agency, Albanian Partner.

One BRIGAID partner attended, Thetis SPA, which presented “The Toolkit Method (TM), from the safeguard of Venice to a general approach for the protection of urban historical settlements from flooding”. The meeting highlighted the project objective and end user benefits being part of this initiative.

The meeting concluded with questions and interests of the stakeholders for a further collaboration on behalf of BRIGAID project. Specifically, the stakeholders showed their contribution and development opportunities, but with no real innovation ideas. For instance, stakeholders responsible for database networks or digital platforms showed their possibility to support with existing data and available to create new ones. While end users showed their necessity in conformity of our national civil emergency and solution to solve these emergencies, as well as they request for an authority right reserve for innovation ideas coming out on behalf of this project.