Meet our innovationsFlip-Flap Cofferdam

By Spectrum Construct

Flip-Flap Cofferdam is designed to prevent floods in urban areas. Cofferdam will be placed on the river bank and it will be raised in case of flood only.

During non emergencies, it will be used as board walk for pedestrian and/or bicycle traffic. It is intended for large rivers where flood wave is known in advance (ex: Danube river). Its advantage over other solutions is:

Made of PVC sheet piles that are:

  • environmental friendly (do not interfere with the environment and are not affected by environment in any way)
  • made of 93.5% recycled material and are 100% recyclable at the end of construction life span;
  • no need for any maintenance.

It is stored at location:

  • no need for transport;
  • no need for storage location in proximity,
  • no need for logistic of transport.

It is stored at location:

  • no need for skilled work force;
  • no maintenance needed for the life of the construction.
Flip-Flap Cofferdam diagram