Engage with Brigaid As an innovator

Does your innovation reduce risks from natural hazards such as floods, droughts, storms, rain or wildfires?
Are you eager to improve your innovation technically, make it fit with needs of end users, and meet with prospective clients?

What does BRIGAID offer?
BRIGAID is a European project that brings innovators and end users together during the innovation development cycle. Our purpose is to provide guidance to improve innovations related to floods, droughts and extreme weather, bringing them from prototype to market-ready.

BRIGAID offers state of the art knowledge of climate risk, science-based methods and funding opportunities to improve innovations by:

1. Performing tests, evaluating results and making improvements.

2. Incorporating needs of clients in the design and business model.

3. Putting innovations in the spotlight.

What do we ask from you?

Enthusiasm to push your innovation forward!
Innovators who join BRIGAID will remain in full and undisputed possession of their Intellectual Property Rights on their innovation.
By joining BRIGAID, innovators accept that their innovation will be mentioned in BRIGAID reports, will be presented in the BRIGAID climate innovation window, and will be referred to in BRIGAID dissemination and communication activities as mandatory within EC funded projects.

How to get involved?

Contact BRIGAID by sending an email to
climate-innovation@brigaid.eu and shortly explain your innovation and interest in BRIGAID.
We will contact you and send you an information package explaining further.