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Public-Private Investment and Financing (PPIF)

BRIGAID will develop a Public-Private Investment and Financing (PPIF) model for securing investments in innovations during and beyond BRIGAID’s lifetime.

Some innovations may need additional funding to enable a smooth introduction to the market. For those innovations, the PPIF can be very useful: the PPIF will help with the identification of possible funding opportunities.

The PPIF model will be developed through desk research regarding different existing and proven public private investment and financing models in the market. The focus will be on utilization of EU funding mechanisms, including the European Structural and Investment Funds, and other financial policy instruments of the EU, the Member States and private funds.

With the PPIF model, innovations will be provided with individual assistance. Based on the identification of target groups and elaboration of marketing communication plans (by MAF+) grant opportunities and prospective clients will be identified. In an early stage this results in an assessment of the ‘investment readiness’ of an innovation.

This means that financial sustainability of the innovation becomes a primary focus in the project. In addition, BRIGAID aims to develop business case including a funding mechanism to establish structural, ongoing financial support for climate adaptation innovations in Europe.

PPIF is an innovation that requires development, application and improvement

These improvements will be made after each business development phase, resulting in a thoroughly tested financing instrument at the end of the project.

Development of the PPIF

Development of the PPIF could lead to establishing a BRIGAID development fund potentially on the basis of a revolving fund, where innovators in the European climate adaptation sector can apply for funding to make final improvements and reach the market as well.