Improving Innovations’ Readiness Technical Readiness

Technical readiness is the performance and effectiveness of an innovation to reduce climate-related risks, as shown in field tests and operational environments.

BRIGAID assists in defining and performing the required tests to improve an innovation through a Testing and Implementation Framework (TIF) for Climate Adaptation measures

BRIGAID provides innovators with guidance to develop testing plans which increase the Technical Readiness Level (TRL) of an innovation and its potential for market uptake. TRL is a metric used to assess the maturity of a technology. The scale consists of nine levels where each level characterizes the progress in the development of a technology, from the initial idea (Level 1) to the full uptake of the product into the marketplace (Level 9) .

  1. Currently there is no internationally accepted method or framework to assess the effectiveness of innovations that reduce disaster impacts. BRIGAID is developing a comprehensive, standardized methodology (the TIF) for testing and implementing climate adaptation. The TIF provides innovators with guidelines for assessing an innovation’s potential to reduce risks from floods, droughts, and extreme weather, and its social acceptance among end users.

  2. The interactive framework also includes guidance for assessing the socio-technical effectiveness of an innovation across various geographic scales and market sectors. In doing so, the innovator is provided with information needed to increase the TRL and its potential for market uptake. The vision is that the TIF will become the European quality label for climate adaptation measures.