GREENFIX f³ Fire Free Fibres Blankets- is composed of unique grass fibres of European origin and specially treated according to best environmental practices.


From your point of view, how has BRIGAID contributed to the development of your innovation/company? Which specific support provided by BRIGAID was most useful to you?

GREENFIX f³ Fire Free Fibres Blankets is an Albanian innovation, supported by BRIGAID to be tested.

The most important contribute that BRIGAID gave to the company is the development of the market. Al-Geosystem company has more than 10-year experience in Albanian market, trying to implement new environmental friendly technologies. Throughout BRIGAID project the implementation become more easiest.

The installation of the fire Blankets had a good impact on one of the newest entertainments park in Tirana artificial Lake, with more feasibility, more impact and collaborating also to the dissemination of the products of the company in one of the main Agency in Tirana like Agency of Park and Recreation, indirectly to the Municipality of Tirana.

Testing this innovation help my stakeholders to evaluate people reaction, evaluate the frequency of park visiting more in the kids’ zone, also monitoring the performance of the innovation in extreme heavy rains falls happened in Tirana.

Of course, as the innovation was implemented in an operation test site and is a natural based solution; climate conditions influenced in the implementation, in evaluating seeds growing.

Please let us know about your progress and expectations after receiving support from BRIGAID.

One of the main expectations is to go on with implementation of these technologies even in other sites in Albania. New areas are in progress and developing these new technologies would be not only a trend but a necessary due to the vulnerability of Albania and Europe to face climate events. The expectation is to introduce and to present this innovation even in schools and universities so to be developed as a case study.

GREENFIX f³ Fire Free Fibres Blankets in a park

One important issue is that implementing this technology in an urban/entertainment area with a lot of people going around has a good dissemination impact. The curiosity of the people was part of the testing and it was one of the site areas with more effectiveness in the developing of the seed grown. Combination with the national natural seed instead of commercial nets offered in the market, was one of another result of this innovation to be considered.

In these terms, the company will have the objective to go on with implementation of these blanket even in other places in Albania, in new and old areas.

During the project meeting in Tirana, the director of the Agency of Park and Recreations met the project leaders and partners during the site visit. New collaboration to be settle throughout collaboration of these projects.

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The Agency of Park and Recreation is our main end-user and collaborator. The park, more specifically the slopes and the seeds on them face some heavy rains days occurred in Albania and also during the marathon in Tirana no accidental fire occurred due to these fire blankets.

Using the GREENFIX Fire Free blankets could potentially reduce the negative impacts.

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