Where and when: 
April 6 and 7 at Deltares, the Netherlands.

Invited to Present.

Who attended the event and why
Bas Jonkman and Antonia Sebastian attended to give apresentation and partcipate in discussions of coastal flood prevention and mitigation in Europe.

Resilience-increasing strategies for coasts.

On April 6 and 7, BRIGAID participated in the RISCKIT Conference at Deltares in the Netherlands.

RISCKIT is an EU FP7 Collaborative project in which methods, tools, and management approaches weredeveloped to reduce risk and increase resilience to lowfrequency, highimpact hydrometeorological eventsin the coastal zone. BRIGAID made a presentation on coastal flood hazards and efforts by BRIGAID inbringing floodrelated innovations to market. 

Two BRIGAID partners attended, Professor Bas Jonkman andDr. Antonia Sebastian from TU Delft. The conference highlighted the advances made in terms offorecasting, prediction, and early warning capabilities, improvements in the longterm coastal floodprevention, mitigation, and preparedness in Europe.